How we are innovating, bringing the best of the past into the present.

Our Technology

We use breathwork technology to support healthy ways of dealing with stress. Calmly is powered by breathing – no batteries. Using the best of the past in modern technology.

Calmly encourages the act of deep steady breathing, helping to provide relief during times of stress. It provides physical cues combining elements of both mindfulness and meditation.

How Calmly works.

Calmly is completely powered by you and you alone. Using the power of your natural exhale Calmly drives an internal air turbine. In turn, this activates a secondary turbine. Drawing a new airflow through our specially blended aroma pods. Producing soothing aromatic air that is sent directly towards your nose.

There are no vapour clouds, nicotine, or harmful substances used, just your breath and the Calmly device.

Use anywhere, anytime.

Created to be portable and lightweight, you can take Calmly anywhere. Specifically designed to not produce vapour clouds, harmful substances or nicotine, Calmly is safe to use around others. Calmly is accepted in public transport, places of work and around children.

All-natural aromas.

Our aromas have been developed by clinical aromatherapists, using only the highest-grade natural food extracts, essential oils, and fractionated coconut oil. Our aromas mix with manuka chips inside an aroma pod and are released when combining your breath and Calmly.

From the Founder.

Scott has been driven and dedicated in creating a healthy alternative for dealing with stress. He has worked closely alongside industry experts, to create a wellness device to foster mindful moments in your day, via deep steady breathing and aromatherapy.